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For 20 years now, HGA Biomed has been manufacturing medicinal substances and pharmaceuticals for magistral production at its own plant in Kaposvár, which we deliver to hundreds of pharmacies across the country through our wholesale partners. Contact us! Our team will respond to your inquiry shortly.

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medicinal substances

Product name Packaging
Acidum aceticum dilutum 20% 1 kg
Acidum hydrochloridum dilutum 1 kg
Aluminium aceticum tartaricum solutum 1 kg
Aqua purificata Ph.Hg.VIII. 2 kg
Diluendum menthae 450 g
Elixirium thymi compositum 1 kg, 5 kg
Pasta zinci oxydati 1 kg
Solutio acidi borici 1 kg
Solutio conservans 400 g
Solutio iodi alcoholica 450 g
Spiritus anisatus 100 g
Spiritus camphoratus 900 g
Unguentum aluminii acetici tartarici 2 kg
Unguentum emolliens 1 kg
Unguentum emulsificans nonionicum 1 kg
Unguentum hydrophilicum anionicum 1 kg
Unguentum hydrophilicum nonionicum 2 kg, 5 kg
Unguentum simplex 1 kg
Unguentum stearini 1 kg
Unguentum zinci oxydati 1 kg
Vaselinum acidi borici 2 kg
Vaselinum cholesterinatum 1 kg
Unguentum emulsificans anionicum 1200 g
Unguentum glycerini 800 g
Unguentum hydrosum 1200 g
Ethanolum 96% 4000 g

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